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You might be surprised to know that the photographer featured in today’s Frames, Noah Gallagher, is only 22 years old. Having only been shooting seriously for about seven years, the Byron Bay local has somehow built up a pretty damn impressive portfolio of intimate and expressive portraits, captured on his trusty film camera.

Celebrating the things that pretty much anyone in their 20s will be able to relate to – gigs, tropical escapes and sunshine – his photos are mostly of his mates, just being themselves, which is perhaps why they feel so natural. “My friends inspire me mostly,” Noah says. “I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by a pretty unique and creative group of people.”

That said, exploring the unknown, as well as shoots for various fashion labels, is well and truly on the menu also. “I really enjoy shooting anything that’s new and foreign to me which is why I feel like my ‘style’ is always changing. Just always trying new things but I can’t go past shooting what is organic in my everyday life and obviously wouldn’t look past shooting my overseas trips,” Noah says.

As anyone who spends time with a camera in their hand will tell you, it’s not all gravy, and Noah certainly isn’t immune to the odd mishap. “Having my Contax T2 punched out of my hand at a Halloween party or having my Contax G2 stop working in the middle of a shoot for a client,” he says recounting his worst experiences with a camera. “That’s a pretty horrible feeling but it’s just what happens I guess..”

Head here to peep more of Noah’s work on Instagram and check out some of his finest snaps below:

August 27, 2020
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