Woody Gooch Pt. 2
Are these photos even real?
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We had to come back for another look at Woody Gooch’s work.

You may remember three years back when we first featured then 20-year-old Aussie photographer Woody Gooch. Back then he shared with us his crazy collection of surf and travel snaps, as well as a pretty hectic anecdote from his time in Morocco. Now Tokyo-based, he’s back with a new collection of barely believable photos and another wild travel story.

“On my trip to Haiti with my brother and my good friend Quinn Matthews last year. We had met some local rappers and they took us to a supermarket to buy alcohol and cigarettes for them,” he says. “As we had come out of the supermarket to get onto their motorbikes, there was a manic sound and everyone fled the streets in every direction. It was complete chaos. The guys we were with yelled at us to quickly jump on the motorbikes because the cops are closing in.”

“We had absolutely no idea what was happening. As we all jumped on the bikes, there were tear bombs flying over cars and people to disperse the crowds of protesters. At the time I thought I was having a problem with my heart or some internal failure. I couldn’t hear or see. Cars were driving in all directions, as we were squeezing between the chaos, sideswiping car mirrors and dodging locals. We finally got out of the fight between some local protesters and the police.”

Recently photography has brought him a much less scary experience, having swapped prints with iconic director Spike Jonze AKA the man behind films like Her, Being John Malkovich, and Where The Wild Things Are. So, you can’t say being a skilled photographer doesn’t have its perks right?

Have a geez at some of his finest pics below and head here to follow him on Instagram for even more:

Words by Harry Webber August 15, 2019
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