Laura Carrick
The heartbeat in LA.
June 19, 2015

Anyone whose ever travelled to Los Angeles, or at the very least owns a Beach Boys album, can tell you about the allure of Venice Beach. A three mile stretch of endless blue and crisp sand… and hustlers, hawkers and hot girls. Melbourne-based photographer Laura Carrick, exclusively to Frames, unveils a startling shoot that captures the heartbeat of the LA beach and set’s the pulse racing.

Laura is a freelance photographer who ‘lives and breathes visual imagery‘. Whether it’s the elements of nature or strikingly beautiful women, her shots are lit contrastingly with a softness and a bold feminine gaze. Drawing out the details of a moment Laura is able to capture the romance and poetry in a vast array of scenery.

“These images were shot in collaboration with Tasha Cortez,” Laura tells us.  “She’s a Byron Bay based blogger. The universe brought us together on our separate American travels in LA so we adventured out with 1970’s California in mind and shot this series of images. The energy in Venice Beach is like nothing else, there is so much craziness and zaniness in the air but when I look at these images I feel a sense of calm. Anything to do with the ocean feels like home to me. ”

Instagram: @lauracarrick

 I just love this image. It reminds me of long, salty, summer afternoons.


 Tasha is a beautiful writer, she has some of her own words in her own handwriting as ink. ‘Follow your inner moonlight’ is my favourite tattoo of hers…

Anyone who has ever watched The OC will understand this. 

We all like to get a little bit cheeky… Curves are a woman’s most dangerous asset.

Tasha in-between shots, I always find the unguarded moments are the most beautiful.

Afternoon light and shadow play are two of my best friends.

Sandy feet always feels like home. 

I love this image. It was such a windy afternoon in Venice Beach, working with the elements of nature always causes nice little surprises…

Palmy, prickly business.

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