Madi Browne
Beach days and sun rays.
August 6, 2020

Madi Browne’s snaps celebrate everything and anything you can do on the sand.

When thinking about lazy weekends spent at the beach, my mind’s eye conjures up images of white sand, turquoise water, fresh fruit and a distinct European feel – something very similar to the incredible photography by Madeline Brown. Of course, in reality, it’s freezing water, sunburn and stuffing my face with hot chips. But her, at least we have Madi’s portfolio to gush over.

Ironically the 28-year-old Northern Beaches resident got into photography by not liking photos (if that makes sense). “Growing up I hated having my photo taken, so I always made sure I was the one taking the photos and my passion stemmed from there,” she says. “I got my first proper film camera and started developing my own film at 13. It was a Canon EOS 300 that belonged to my uncle, and it’s actually one I still use.”

Over her career, her shots have graced the covers and pages of numerous magazines around the world, with her unique incorporation of food, femme and landscape hitting a note with those familiar with that Euro beach lifestyle, as well as those who dream of it. “The beach is always where I create my best work. It’s where I feel most at home and at ease. My aim is to shoot on as many beaches around the world as I possibly can.”

She recounts a recent experience in Europe as one of the coolest things that’s come from photography for her: “Last year I randomly got the opportunity to go to Athens and shoot. I’d never been before so I had no idea where anything was, I was by myself, had no idea how to speak Greek and I had 10 shoots scheduled over six days. I was so nervous and it was an absolute whirlwind but one of my favourite photography experiences. I even bumped into a model I knew from Sydney and we put together an impromptu shoot.”

Check out some of Madi’s best shots below and head here to follow her on Instagram. We gotta say, it’s nice when one of her dreamy, summery pics pops up in the feed:

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