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California daze.

You only need to glance at Vivian Kim’s photos to realise that they have a very LA feel to them. Of course, once you’ve seen them it’s hard not to get completely sucked in and immersed in her photographic world that is full of sunshine, coastline and vintage cars. Naturally, we’re stoked she’s sharing some of her finest with us for this week’s Frames.

Vivian, who was born and raised in California, was drawn to the magic of shooting in high school, though not through a photography subject or an extracurricular course. “My best friend Dylan’s grandpa passed on a Canon AE-1 to him, and we fell in love with the mechanics of the camera and the process of film,” she says.

Over the years she’s worked with some huge brands and artists on various mediums (check out her amazing film reels here), though it’s a shoot with an Australian band that she remembers fondly. “I guess it’s pretty insane to think of the amazing people I’ve met through my work/craft, and the places I’ve been to. I got to go to Portugal with the Ocean Alley guys to shoot for Wrangler a few years ago. It was such an epic time and I’ve remained good friends with everyone who was on the trip!” she says.

Check out some of Vivian’s coolest pics below and head here to see more of her incredible work on Instagram:

September 17, 2020
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