BeatBites Presents Official SXSW 2020 Virtual Showcase: ‘Live In Seoul ‘
From Seoul to your living room!
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Words by Andrew Yee August 5, 2020

We are currently living in uncertain times, where the landscape of our daily lives is continually shifting in unpredictable ways. However, one thing remains the same. If there is a stage, artists will find their way to get on it, no matter where it is.

The chaos of Covid-19 has put an unprecedented halt to live music around the world. Unfortunately, no has been spared, from open mic nights calling it quits to illuminated stadium stages having to shut off the lights. Music festivals have been no exemption. At this time, the streets of Austin would usually transform into its annual SXSW festival. For ten days, Texas’s ‘hippie haven’ would be drowned in a sea of bashful punters and emerging artists. Every dive bar would be housing dozens of gigs, and the air filled with the sounds of heartfelt crooning and the fuzz of distorted guitars.

While this year has seen a postponement of SXSW’s usual festivities, that doesn’t mean that talent from around the world aren’t ready to make some noise. The good people over at BeatBites took it upon themselves to gather some of the most exciting acts from Korea and present a special virtual version of their Official SXSW 2020 showcase, aptly titled ‘Live-in-Seoul.’ The line-up they assembled reads like a whos-who of Seoul’s indie darlings. Including experimental collective Balming Tiger, electric trio Se So Neon, songstress Sumin, and K-pop heavyweight Eric Nam – who we had the pleasure of interviewing when he touched down in Sydney last year!

When we were offered to host the Australian exclusive interviews, it was literally a no-brainer. So without further ado, check out what these amazing artists of this years BeatBites Presents Offical SXSW 2020 Showcase had to say!

Balming Tiger (@balmingtiger)

Se So Neon (@se_so_neon)

Sumin (@suminismm)

Eric Nam (@ericnam)

Thanks to the good people over at BeatBites for providing the interviews. BeatBites having been working with some of the most exciting acts from around the world:

BeatBites ​is a digital playground, reimagining music listening and viewing for the mobile audience. Based in New York and powered by award-winning digital media studio ​37th Degree​, We team up with artists and industry players from around the world to create fresh original content such as short-form videos, interviews, live events, mini-documentaries, and in-studio performances. We seek to build a digital community to discover rising artists and connect via our shared love of music and our curiosity about other cultures.

BeatBites ​has hosted artists from Seoul, New York, Berlin, Montreal, Mexico City including rising stars like ​Tessa Ia​, ​Clubz, Xenia Franca,SoOYoON!,Hubert Lenoir​, ​Naya Ali, Girl Ultra and ​Phum Viphurit​. Past ​BeatBites ​artists have been featured in ​The New York Times,Pitchfork, i-D, Kaltblut​,​ and​ Billboard.​ 

Find more info on all their amazing projects here. Follow @Beatbites. BeatBites Presents Offical SXSW 2020 Showcase was filmed at Dive Studios, find more info on them here.

You can catch the full showcase here. Check out a sneak peak below.

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