Episode 10: Ben Brown & Kentaro Yoshida’s ‘Rumble’ Exhibition
Two of Manly's finest, together at last.
Mad Love
Words by Elliott Layland August 2, 2017

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee

Manly: Known for the beach, open shirts, very relaxed accents and two of the best artists out of Sydney; the man dems themselves, Ben Brown and Kentaro Yoshida.

If you’re reading this and you don’t know Ben Brown’s work by now, well, all I can say is congratulations, you played yourself. He is one of the most prolific artist to come out of Manly (let alone Sydney) in the past two decades. Having done work for Nirvana, Hurley and everyone else in between, his iconic skulls mixed with pop culture imagery and vibrant colours have become a staple of Australian illustration.

Kentaro has been dropping straight fire for the past few years — dude’s work can be seen everywhere, from the beaches up north to the grimy walls of the inner-west and even up in dank-ass Byron Bay. His pieces usually depict skeletons getting up to wild shenanigans, whether it be drinking, smoking or rolling around in Hawaiian shirts.

So when these two heavyweights came together to throw down at Goodspace Gallery for their joint show, titled “Rumble”, it was bound to get messy, with a mixture of blood, sweat, tears and a lot of beer spilled, all for two of the Manly’s finest.

So big ups to both Ben and Ken! They’ll be back with more later in year so keep it hurrr! BAOOOOO!

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