Episode 7: Supernova Comic Con In Sydney
Superman, Batman and John Cena.
Mad Love
Words by Elliott Layland June 29, 2017

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee

I remember my first comic convention, it was a hot and sweaty mess.

Boxes and boxes of old comics and toys spread across aisles of tables. The smell of B.O, unwashed clothes and dorky enthusiasm was thick in the air. It was strange to see so many people enjoying the same stuff that I loved in the sanctity of my own bedroom – let alone those people being well into their thirties and forties. I would eventually get into other things like rap and Allen Iverson, but comics and pop culture would always play a big part in my life.

Fast forward twelve years what was once considered stuff for nerds has exploded. With a plethora of superhero movies, genre driven TV and widespread acceptance by the mainstream, nowhere is this more apparent than Supanova, Australia’s premiere comic convention for everything geeky.

It might be the only place you will ever see over a dozen Batmans eating stanky hotdogs and burgers, or a gang of Ursulas hanging in a carpark. If you are a fan of anything even remotely related to fiction, then Supanova is the plug and the only thing left is for you to accept your fiend status.

So bigs up Supanova and everyone who cosplayed! You guys are the real MVPs.

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