Fragile Minds Is Back With The Huge ‘C6’
We have an in-depth chat with designer Josh Lee's before the launch of the latest collection this Friday!
Mad Love
Words by Andrew Yee September 22, 2022

Fragility has never been so strong. 

Sydney-based designer and DIY icon Josh Lee is back like he never left! His avant-garde indie label ‘Fragile Minds’ is set to release its latest and most ambitious collection yet, titled ‘C6’. The line sees Lee showcase an expansive array of pieces that push the boundaries of his already wildly experimental aesthetic. Each piece balances a delicate dichotomy of being carefully curated, nuanced, and defiantly loud. The result is an assemblage of clothing befitting both the runway and a raging moshpit – apt for justifiably frustrated and energetic gen z.

In our previous interview, we talked with Lee about his collaboration with AISON ANDÉR, “OUR FANTASIES REMAIN’. Fast forward five months, and it’s the precipice of ‘C6’. We had a special chat with Lee, unearthing meditative insights into his practice, raw insecurities, and the connective energies tying Sydney’s burgeoning creative scene.

Firstly, congratulations on the new collection! To date, this is your most complete, expansive, and diverse range of pieces yet. Can you talk about how extensive the process has been to get to this point?

The process behind this collection has been very strenuous. Over 50 people involved from manufacturing to content, many sleepless nights and constant anxiety. I didn’t even know if I would be able to pull this off. I had nothing but uncertainty around this collection and it has definitely taken a massive toll on me.

However, this collection has been a massive learning experience. It was my first time delegating work, directing videos & producing large quantities. This is definitely the most complex project I’ve ever worked on with many intricate pieces behind the process. I am ridiculously proud of what I’ve made and am so excited to finally release it.

This collection represents a new chapter for not just the brand but also you as a creator. Why did you feel the need to have a creative and mental reset? 

For the last year I’ve been in denial about being lost. Every time someone asked me “what’s your purpose” I replied with the same carefully curated 4 paragraph answer that I had memorised from 2 years ago. I felt the need to be on point, always needing to leave a good impression. But why?? To my own detriment, I had forced purpose behind my career and was too proud to re-evaluate & grow as a creative.

I’ve been neglecting my mental health for months now. Working like a dog 15 hours a day with no set purpose. I still haven’t given myself the time for that creative and mental reset but am planning to do so as soon as this collection drops.

In the past, you’ve talked about how it’s vital to identify whether you’re driven or just stubborn. For an independent designer, how do you balance out your mindset? 

Long answer short, I don’t know how to balance out my mindset. I am very stern on holding myself accountable for my values but find that I become stubborn over time. I say things out loud to be responsible for what I say, but the pressure of it gets to me. It holds me back from changing which inherently stops me from growing. I need to remember that I’m still learning and forever will be. It’s ok not to know, just try your best to figure it out.

Do you feel pressure? If so, where do you think it comes from?

I constantly feel the need to prove myself to people. To be blunt, I’m a people pleaser. I want to be liked by everybody & still to this day I never feel like I fit in. I’ve been living with an intruder complex- always feeling non deserving to be in the position I’m in.

Growing up I lived at my grandparents. They evidently didn’t want me there & there was not one moment where I felt at home. At the time, I was also on a full music scholarship at a private school. Always targeted by teachers & constantly on probation. Not being able to afford school books and uniform- Mum and I were told over and over that we did not belong and was degraded constantly.

To be frank, the pressure I put on myself destroys me. I’ve never been fully comfortable in any situation and inherently that makes me want to prove myself. Sad to say, but it’s what has gotten me to this point.

Why I do this, I’m not sure- but deep down I know I love it..

At what point do you think you realised that you had to embrace the journey instead of trying to know it all? 

In a way, I felt like I’ve lost my spark for making clothes. It’s gotten to a point where everything feels like a chore. I’m not doing this cause I want to, but more so because I feel like I have to. So what’s the point

Embracing the journey is something I will struggle with for the rest of my career. Being someone who strives off structure and goals, it’s going to be really hard for me to adjust but I know that it’s important for me to enjoy what I do.

A big part of ‘Fragile Minds’ ethos is celebrating Sydney’s creative community. In your experience, what do you feel are the main issues that come up again and again when talking/having discussions? 

Lack of resources, exclusivity & stature. Everyone wants to be the best but nobody wants to share.

Finally, would you like to give shout-outs to the people who made this collection possible?


Cutters: Morgana Osaki, Vaasqo, Myself
Sewers: Dallas Hurst, Indigo, Myself
Screen printing: Kendrick Kam, Myself
Embroidery: Rafid
Eyelettes: Fergus Fowler


Content Directors: Murli Dhir, Tom, Jasper Karolewski, Myself
Film + Edit: Murli Dhir, Ambrotom, Jasper Karolewski, The Sesh, Slippn
Lighting + Camera assist: Luuca
Styling: Indigo, Myself
Photography: Farnoz, Riley, Dannydrax
Models: (Nerdie, Raakoh, Dali, Goyo, Pokari) Bas, Liam, Tets, Tanisha, Elle, Luca, Nav, Ira, Yura, Matthew, Jackson
Extras: Brandon Lazarus, Johan Desilva, Jackson Tourma
BTS: Brad Kim, Navs Revenge, Ayoush
Assist: Eric Cheema, Harrison Neal, Kendrick kam
Artists: Oh boy, Zpluto, Mercaset, Saitxero
Dj’s: Farnoz, Angie, Lucca, Don’t play, Dj Busy, Drayco, Ri
Crew: Harrison, Enoch, Ayoush, Vaasqo, Pau, Jit, Dallas, Nickhel & Meesh

+ Aison ander, Butter Sydney & Chivas Regal for supporting this collection.

Special thanks to Lee for making the time to chat! Follow @k0reanjesus and @fragileminds. Check out everything Fragile Minds here.

Don’t miss the huge launch of ‘C6’ in Sydney’s Camperdown. Read details below!


The event is free and open to everyone. Make sure you come through!

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