Interview: We Chat With Two Of The Minds Behind The 1300 and AISON ANDÉR Collaboration
We chop it up Alex Wu Kim and Ada May to talk about the boys from outer space, Chris Yee and the new line!
Mad Love 2m

Just like soju and headaches, some things are just meant to be.

When the boys from outer space, 1300, were looking to debut their first merch line, there was no better partner to make it happen than the emerging fashion label AISON ANDÉR. Debuting earlier this year, the brand made waves with its clean pieces and having interwoven the Asian Australian experience into its identity. If the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, it damn right became cavity-inducing with the skills of Eastwood’s favourite son Chris Yee. With his goldy abilities behind the pen, he was able to immortalise the group’s boyish charms in all their glory.

This trifecta of talent symbolises something more substantial than just joint creativity and thick heads of hair. It stands as the alignment of Sydney based East Asian talent, each evolving the landscape of the creative Australian scene in their own right. In the future, we’ll see more super collaborations like this come together; we hope they look half as good as this one!

We chatted with Alex Wu-Kim and Ada May about how the huge collaboration came to be in this very special interview!

Special thanks to Alex (@wupdewup) and Ada (@iamdarthadarfor making the time. Find all news on the line and future pieces from AISON ANDÉR here, and follow @aison.ander. Check out all of Chris’s amazing pieces here and follow ya boi @yeetheeast. And of course, follow (@pokari.sweat@nerdiecuzz, @dali.hart @goyo_in_silence , @raaakoh)  and check out their base rattling new track ‘Smashmouth’ below.

Words by Andrew Yee October 19, 2021
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