Mad Love: 1300
Meet Sydney's K-rap crew making waves!
Mad Love 6m

When you think of Sydney, you don’t necessarily think of K-rap. However, 1300 is putting a uniquely homegrown twist on the sounds of Seoul.

Consisting of rako, DALI HART, goyo, Nerdie, and Pokari Sweat, 1300 have carved a niche for themselves in the crowded Aussie music scene. The boys buck the rigid preconceptions projected upon Korean music, delivering their unique hybrid hip hop form. On their debut track, ‘Brr’, the quintet effortlessly weave between each other at a breathless pace. The crew spit machinegun-esque flows over icy instrumentals in just over three minutes, oozing undeniable chemistry. While we might have to wait a little longer to travel, it’s a blessing to know that 1300 is here to turn Sydney into Itaewon, one verse at a time.

We caught up with 1300 to talk about their beginnings, effortless chemistry and latest single, ‘No Caller iD’!

Special thanks to 1300 for chatting! Follow,  @nerdiecuzz@dali.hart ,  @goyo_in_silence , @raaakohHuge shout outs to the good guys over at Videohead for producing and filming this episode, along with providing all the visuals. Find out more about their work and contact info, here! Follow @videoheadco and @raguava. And of course, big ups to Tiger Beer for the ice cold beers! 

Check out the videos for ‘Brr’ and their latest ‘No Caller iD’ below!

Words by Andrew Yee April 13, 2021
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