Mad Love: Lily Ha
We caught up with creative Yung Lils!
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What Does it mean to be creative? In my opinion, it can be a label of convenience. When someone refuses to abide by the rigidity of boomer-esque career titles, we often find ourselves ‘umming’ and ‘ahhing’ about how exactly to describe them.

For Lily Ha, you get a sense she wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Sydney based creative has continually drawn inspiration from the hyper-kinetic morning anime of her youth. Using her cartoon muses as a catalyst, she has built a career seeping her signature bold aesthetics into her vast body of work. Ha has managed to herd this diverse set of disciplines under her colourful umbrella, whether it’s her illustrations, animations, and even helping brands build their identities (including Far From Home, partly owned by her!). The cliche of being ‘boundary pushing’ seems to be overused, so instead, let me opt for something a little more befitting. Lily isn’t here to push boundaries; she’s here to smash them to pieces like a raging titan. All we can do is look on in awe and delight!

Special thanks to Lily Ha for chatting and being so generous with her time! Follow @yung.lils @lilsdotworld (design) and @farfrm.home (brand). And of course, thanks to the big dawgs at Tiger Beer!


Words by Andrew Yee June 17, 2021
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