Top 15 K-POP songs of 2018
Let get it!
Mad Love
December 31, 2018

As the world plunged into further turmoil in 2018, the East Asian Peninsula of South Korea continued to pump out more and more bangerz.

From thumping bass lines, silky smooth vocals, to hypnotically tantalising melodies, there was no shortage of K-POP songs to have on repeat throughout the year. We at Mad Love have complied a comprehensive list of the top 15 hottest tracks bumping in the streets of Seoul to the world!

15. SHINee – Good Evening

After a tragedy that shook the Korean music industry to it’s core, the every reliable veteran group SHINee returned with a track that is euphoric as it is heartbreaking. Sampling the immortal 112’s ‘Cupid’, try not to shed a tear as your body involuntarily moves to this infectious banger.

14. JENNIE – Solo

DAMN this song blew up in a short time! When the leader of powerhouse group BLACKPINK – who will show up a little later in this list- decided to step out on her own, she did it in the most extravagant way possible. Rattling 808’s, squeaky horns and ice cold vocals create an anthem for anyone doing it for themselves in 2018!

13. Apink – I’m so sick

Veterans to the game, Apink decided to ditch their signature cute looks for something a little more  dangerous. The track plays like an ode to heartbreak, disappointment, and self reflection,  pulsating over the dance floor!

12. IZ*ONE – La Vie en Rose

The product of the gruelling, sadistic, dystopian, and endlessly entertaining reality program Produce 48,  IZ*ONE is here and boy are they here with a bang. Creating a velvety smooth track that pulsates with every vocoder and synth Korea could get its hands on, this track demands repeat listens!

11. MOMOLAND – Bboom Bboom

This sugary sweet track works it way into your ears with the abrasiveness of a thousand cheerleaders screaming at you, this track might also take dance of the year (you’ll know it when you see it!).

10. EXID – I Love You

Veteran Girl Crush group EXID came into 2018 with this hectic club banger, combining seductive vocals with a thumping loop proclaiming love is as simple as “la-la-la”.

9. iKON – Love Scenario

Catchy and cute, kinda like a lullaby for a group of Sad Boys, throw in a few raps and modern Korean street fashion, and you get these dudes

8. MAMAMOO – Starry Night

Combine the crazy exotic guitar loop mixed with the scenic beauty of New Zealand and you have a recipe for success. Charismatic and charming, underdogs Mamamoo have had one hell of a progressive year.


The queen of Vigor and Vengeance, following a strong 2017, Sunmi came back with another one. This video sees multiple versions of her as well as a rare mermaid costume appearance.


Catchy, cheeky tune from the main boss IU. Amongst acting and advertising campaigns, this is the only song she released this year, but this bop alone was enough to sustain her popularity and continue to make waves.


Vicious and mean – the power group of YG entertainment. Insane raps, hugely expensive video, international charm and catchy point dance. Let’s gooooooooo

4. Twice – What is Love?

The Staple leading “Girl-Group” in K-pop right now. Beginning from reality show fame like other K-pop groups, These 9 girls have concreted themselves as stars of the industry. This video showcases them parodying and reenacting famous romantic comedy and film scenes.

3. EXO – Tempo

A crazy schizophrenic mash of every synth, sound and groove that a studio can make. EXO paints a beautiful landscape of robotic dancing, motorbikes and classic bed spring sounds.

2. Red Velvet – Bad Boy

The Ultimate “Girl Crush” banger from industry staples Red Velvet. A shift from their regular bubbly tone, This power group hit 2018 with a vengence showing a sharper more mature edge and modern outfits.

1. BTS – Fake Love

The Epitome of the K-pop industry for the last two years, BTS personifies everything people think K-pop is – super precise choreography, full faced makeup, perfect hair/wardrobe and a penchant for flair and the overly dramatic side of things. All this to the constant hum & voices of millions of girls screaming around the galaxy!


So shout outs Korea and 2018! U crazy!

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