Off The Record: Betty Taylor Share The Inspo Behind New Single ‘Can’t Get Enough’
Off The Record
Words by Mitch Tomlinson March 5, 2024

Image by Gabi Rankine //

We’ve been on the Betty Taylor bandwagon for some time now…

And you can hardly blame us, the Sunshine Coast quartet have a knack for producing wavy indie-rock earworms that float around in your head for days. Their music is like the sonic embodiment of lying down in the grass and watching clouds drift past.

Now we have another taste from their forthcoming debut EP Young, Dumb And Immature, in the form of ‘Can’t Get Enough’, a tue that will have you swaying and humming wherever you’re listening to it. Premiered on triple j, the tune is a summery jam that centres around that feeling of obsession in a relationship.

Betty Taylor have a massive 2024 in the works with their debut international shows and the EP release in July, so we thought we’d catch up with them now and chat about their fave vinyl. Check it out below:

Kayla: Sam’s Town – The Killers

I grew up with this album on pretty high rotation, so listening to this one always reminds me of living at home with my family, listening to all of my parents music and soaking it all up. I love Brandon’s lyrics and how they really paint a picture in your mind when you’re listening, and the music itself is so lush and full of big guitars which I love.

Claire: Light, Dark, Light Again – Angie McMahon

Angie’s songwriting has a way of making you feel like every song on this album was written especially for you. It’s my go-to record for whatever mood I’m in, and feels like it speaks so well to the turbulence of your 20s and the ups and downs of life. Since its release a couple months ago, I’ve probably listened to it at least 100 times. Musically, it’s incredible and I love how each song leads into the next so seamlessly. My favourite song on the album changes every time I listen to it, but Divine Fault Line and Letting Go hit every time.

Kayla: Live At Third Man Records – Jack Johnson

I’m pretty sure this was the first vinyl I ever bought (at probably age 15/16) and at the time I didn’t really know what albums I liked yet, so I think I just looked for a name I knew and bought the first thing I saw which was this gem. I love live albums because you get to hear how the songs are in their raw form, and this one is especially great cos there’s so many little mistakes in there! It makes it such a fun listen hearing him and the band chuckle through the set. I chuck this one on a lot when I’m home alone and need a little happiness boost, and it always has me wigglin around the kitchen doing chores and making my morning coffee.

Claire: Moonfire – Boy and Bear

I own this vinyl on CD as well, and it’s soundtracked so many road trips and short car journeys. Incredible band and incredible songs. Big Man gets me every time and I’m guilty of replaying that song a couple times before going back to listen to the entire album again.

Kayla: Torches – Foster the People

This album really needs no introduction, every single song on it is an absolute bop and it has me dancing and singing around the house without fail. The first time I came across this album was when I was in high school, and I had it on repeat for months and months, so I have a lot of my teen memories attached to this one.

Claire: Gold – ABBA

A classic. A treasure. A masterpiece. This vinyl puts me in a good mood every time I listen to it and has soundtracked many house chores and cooking sessions. Every song’s a singalong, and Dancing Queen is my go-to karaoke song. It’s also one of my life goals to be able to play Chiquitita’s piano outro.

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