Listen: Dunni’s Back With ’10 Songs & A Bottle Of Red’ – Episode 9
He’s back.
Words by Harry Webber July 4, 2019

Dunni is back following his controverisal release from a Thai prison*.

Like many of the finer things in life, overindulging can lead to disappointment; it ruins the fun, or makes something seem a little less special. Which is why a little break from Dunni over the last couple of weeks while he went on a surf trip has only made our hearts grow fonder for his tasty tune selection and drunken banter.

Thankfully he’s back this week with episode nine of ‘10 Songs & A Bottle Of Red’, and it’s a real corker. Check it out on your favourite medium below (and don’t forget to subscribe)

*May not be true.

1. ‘Missed The Boat’ – Modest Mouse
2. ‘Is It Like Today?’ – World Party
3. ‘Ride The White Swan’ – T-Rex
4. ‘I Don’t Know’ – Beastie Boys
5. ‘Blue Skies’ – Willie Nelson
6. ‘Above The Clouds’ – Paul Weller
7. ‘Woncha Come On Home’ – Joan Armatrading
8. ‘Same Old Things’ – Dirty Pink Jeans
9. ‘(Hidden Track)’ – Dirty Pink Jeans
10. ‘You Make Me Smile’ – Steve Harley

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