TwentyFour: Parcels
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Sometimes you’ve got to take a bit of a risk to make it in the music industry.

Moving to from the sun-drenched beaches of Byron Bay to the often freezing suburbs of Berlin a couple of years back to pursue a musical career, electro-funk five-piece Parcels were clearly unafraid to roll the dice. It’s a gamble that has paid massive dividends for the group who have amassed over 70 million spotify streams, recorded with Daft Punk, and played sold out shows around the world.

As you can see here, the boys exude the laidback energy that’s synonymous with Byron, and it’s difficult to imagine any of them getting too big of a head without the others chopping them down with a couple of cheeky barbs. Check out the video above where we chat to Noah, Pat, Louie, Jules, and Toto about the early days in Berlin, overly supportive parents, and how things have changed for them. Presented by Boost Mobile.

January 30, 2019
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