‘All Decisions Have Consequences:’ Netflix Drops Menacing Trailer For ‘Ozark’ Final Season
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The family of money launderers will make their final outing next year.

Gear up for another season of shady lakeside business dealings, because Netflix just dropped a teaser for its flagship crime series, Ozark. Premiering early next year, the trailer sees the return of the Byrde family, with Jason Bateman and Laura Linney reprising their roles as a couple underworld figures. 

The new family’s fourth outing will be the show’s final season, and will be released in two parts with a whopping 14 episodes. The trailer sets the scene for what looks like a menacing season, with Bateman’s voiceover musing about how “decisions have consequences.”


“Human beings make decisions,” he says as eerie shots from past seasons flash, “It creates a snowball effect, causes other people to make decisions.” In an image that mismatches the show’s tone, the final shot sees the Byrde family drive off with plastered-on smiles. Spooky. 

Peep the trailer above for a full taste of Ozark season 4.  

Words by Tom Disalvo November 18, 2021
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