Everything We Know About Matt Damon & Ben Affleck’s New Michael Jordan Film, ‘Air’
Words by Amar Gera January 24, 2023


The film follows the beginnings of the legendary Air Jordan brand…

Hollywood best mates Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are finally set to reunite on the big screen, the two Oscar winners slated to star in the upcoming sports drama, Air. Centred on the beginnings of Michael Jordan’s beloved Air Jordan Brand, the film (directed by Affleck) will see the two veteran actors star as Nike co-founder and executive Phil Knight and Sonny Vaccaro, and their tumultuous quest to bring MJ’s vision to reality.

Other notable stars in the upcoming flick include Marlon Wayans as George Raveling, Viola Davis as Deloris Jordan, Chris Tucker as Howard White and Gustaf Skarsgård as Horst Dassler. It’s a packed cast for what’s the first project from Affleck and Damon’s production company, Artist Equity. The film is also being released in partnership with Amazon Studios, Skydance Sports and Mandalay Pictures on April 5th.

The film’s journey to the screen has been equally eventful as its plot, with Alex Convery’s script for Air making the 2021 Black List for the best un-produced screenplays in Hollywood back when it was titled Air Jordan. It’s initial synpopsis was the “wild true story of how an upstart shoe company named Nike landed the most influential endorsement in sports history: Michael Jordan.” Official reports have since confirmed that the movie will indeed cover how Nike and MJ first joined forces, and how they together created a “global, multibillion-dollar contemporary sneaker industry.”


Speaking on the new project, Affleck explained in a statement, “Matt and I are very excited for audiences to see ‘Air’ and proud that it’s the first release from Artists Equity. The movie was an extraordinary experience where we had the honor of working with some of the best cast and crew in the business, all of whom brought passion, persistence, and creativity to a collective effort at recreating a remarkable and aspirational story.”

Definitely one to keep an eye out for. For now, check out a brief history of the Jordan brand below.



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