Watch: Baby Yoda Is A Full-Blown Menace In Trailer For ‘The Mandalorian’ Season Three
Cue Nerdgasm.
Words by Amar Gera January 17, 2023

This is the way…

Everyone’s favourite little green badass is back and at large in the new trailer for season three of The Mandalorian, the fan-favourite making his long-awaited return to a galaxy far, far away.

Okay, to be fully honest, the trailer mostly focuses on the title character of The Mandalorian (played by Pedro Pascal), but let’s face it, it’s Baby Yoda AKA Grogu that we’re all watching for. Clocking in at a total of two minutes long, the teaser follows Mando and his quest to his home world of Mandalore to make amends for the removal of his mask in The Mandalorian season two. However, this is Star Wars we’re talking about, and almost no trip ever goes to plan.

Such is the case in the teaser as old mate Mando gets caught up in a bunch of space fights, fist fights and basically every kind of fight you can think. In accordance with his previous forays, he struggles in almost every one of them. But Baby Yoda, on the other hand, finally realises his Jedi-potential, with the end of the trailer showing him making quick word of a would-be kidnapper with ease. It’s no doubt a small teaser of what’s to come when the show airs on March 1st. Check out the full trailer below.

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