Five Betoota Advocate Posts That Summed Up Our Existential Angst In 2021
Too real.
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If you’re like us and found yourself swarming the internet to escape the outside world this year, odds are you probably came across a Betoota Advocate post…

And odds are they triggered a flurry of emotions within you: a concoction of laughter, realisation and just too much angst to handle. But as always with Betoota, it was on the money. The sarcastic, tongue (very much out of cheek) tone slapping you in the face with a dose of reality, so much so where you’d start to wonder whether they were trying to be funny at all?

And so we were with them every step of the way; through the lockdowns, the press conferences, political shitstorms and most importantly, The Bachelor grand finale (okay, maybe we messed up the order of importance there). So, we figured we’d take a trip down Betoota memory lane of this year and pick out the five posts that perfectly summed up our existential angst in 2021. Check it below.

Streaming Galore

Well this one hits extremely close to home. Netflix, Stan, Foxtel Go, Disney+, we could seriously keep going. You’re straight up lying to yourself if you didn’t or still don’t own at least three of these bad boys at one point of this year. Like many of the country during lockdown, we found ourselves glued to the streaming services this year, so much so that we started a new weekly feature title ‘Executive Decision’ around it (Here’s the most recent edition if you’re feeling adventurous).

Political shitshows

Just when you thought ScoMo and his band of fuckwits couldn’t get any more incompetent, well… they did, and it was all by pissing off the French Prime Minister through a smokescreen of lies. You gotta give old mate credit however, it was so blatantly obvious he ditched PM Macron at the last minute, yet he continued on with the lie. Fast forward a mere two weeks later and the two were throwing shots at each other like it was WWE (is it bad I was going for the French guy?)

Gladys and her press conferences

By god, if there was one thing that was consistent this year, it was Gladys and those damn press conferences. 11am became our new favourite (or least favourite) time of day. A time of day when we’d all crowd around the TV, hoping that the daily cases wouldn’t be too high and that our leaders hadn’t somehow found a way to plunge us further into chaos. But alas, we were hoping against hope, and when it became clear our leaders had zero fucking clue what they were doing the below post hit hard.

Climate change angst

Well, this was just an added kick in the nuts that really wasn’t necessary. The revelation that our climate is essentially too far gone to save was bloody demoralising, and the government inaction in response to the findings was infuriating. It’s all summed up in ScoMo’s far-too-slow 2050 benchmark for net zero emissions which, if you’re less than 50 (AKA literally everyone besides Scotty’s cabinet), really doesn’t bode well for your future. But ah well, Scotty from Marketing will be dust by then, so long as he’s alright, right?

Instagram-induced dread

We can confirm it definitely didn’t make us feel better during those harder months; all the anxiety in the world taking shape in the form of Instagram stories and posts. Unless, of course, we were looking at our own Instagram (cue shameless self-promo), which you can follow here!

Words by Amar Gera December 23, 2021
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