FIZZ Release New Caffeinated Seltzer, FIZZ X
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FIZZ have expanded their party juice catalog.

Just weeks after opening up their own brewery, FIZZ HQ, on the Gold Coast the loose units behind our favourite seltzer are showing no signs of slowing down as we head into the new year. In fact, they’ve kinda gone the other way and ramped things up with a brand new beverage, primed to “take the taste of summer” mantle. FIZZ X is the new strawberry and grape flavoured nectar that, on top of a smooth 5% alcohol content, contains natural caffeine.

Incorporating green coffee bean extract, FIZZ X will undoubtedly be the go-to drink when you’re needing a little boost on the dancefloor or some extra pep in your step when you’re partying. Plus, FIZZ X is sugar-free and contains a meagre 77 calories per can!

“It’s been an incredible couple of weeks,” FIZZ chief, Wade Tiller says. “What we wanted to do was bring some energy and good times to the Gold Coast and I definitely think we’ve done that. We’ve got a lot coming up in 2022 and we can’t wait to share that with everyone.”

Stay tuned for more from FIZZ and head here to find out more about FIZZ X:

December 25, 2021
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