‘F**ked’ And ‘S**t’ Most Used Words To Describe 2020
Pretty accurate.
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The most cooked year…

Let’s face it: 2020 has been an absolute fuck-around-and-a-half. It’s been as cooked as can be, and honestly, no words can properly describe the insanity that took place this year. Naturally, people have been looking for ways to describe it however, with words like ‘unprecedented’, ‘trying’ and even ‘cooked’ being used time and time again to accurately encompass the year. Thus, a new poll has been made to assess what words have been used most to describe 2020, and the results are simple, but true.

The top entries on the list are the words ‘shit’ and ‘fucked’, with words like ‘exhausting’, ‘challenging’, ‘unprecedented’ and ‘clusterf***’ coming in next (I didnt use clusterfuck nearly as much as I should’ve this year).

I mean, all of the above make sense. From the bushfires at the start of the year in Aus to COVID to watching the loss of people like Kobe Bryant, Chadwick Boseman and George Floyd to even watching the clusterfuck (already on it) of the US election take place over the year.

However, it seems people are already placing their bets on 2021 making up for it all, with words like ‘better’ and ‘hopeful’ being the top words to describe the incoming year. Fingers crossed they indeed end up being accurate.

Check out the full list of popular words below.


December 22, 2020
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