Interview: We Chat With Indie film Legend Joe Swanberg About ‘OFFSEASON’
Stepping from behind the camera to infront of it for this terrifying slice of horror cinema!
Words by Andrew Yee June 14, 2022

We all need to get away sometimes.

Everyone except  Marie Aldrich and George Darrow. After receiving an ominous letter, the couple embarks on a trip to Lone Palm, which is about to raise its bridges for the winter. As the pair make their way across the island searching for answers, they discover something far eviler than the spooky beach houses and sinister smiles of the “welcoming” citizens.

Director Mickey Keating isn’t new to the genre of horror. On the contrary, he has seeped his prolific filmography into classic Hollywood scares and nightmarish creations. For his latest outing,’ OFFSEASON,’ he has created a work which navigates its way through psychological thrills, supernatural scares, and terror on a cosmic scale – all in under 90 minutes.

At the heart of the film lies an all-too-relatable performance by Joe Swanberg as the Darrow. Swanberg made a name for himself behind the camera, trailblazing the world of Indie movies. In the last two decades, the cinematic renaissance man has become synonymous with dramas that explore the existential crises of millennials in contemporary society. Films like ‘Drinking Buddies’ and ‘Win It All’ are brimming with everyday ennui, complicated romances, and a generous amount of 2000s tunes. However, he somehow finds time to squeeze in some acting when he’s not writing scripts or directing performers on set. ‘OFFSEASON’ places Swanberg’s everyman charm into a setting that couldn’t be further from his grounded filmography.

Special thanks to Joe Swanberg for taking the time to chat! ‘OFFSEASON’ is streaming now on Shudder.

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