Japan’s Favourite Premix Is Dropping Down Under Just In Time For Summer
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Minus 196 Double Lemon Is On Its Way.

You know that person who goes to Japan once and won’t shut up about it? “The food, the culture, blah blah…” Yes, they are annoying, but the painful thing is they’re usually right. Japan is awesome, and one of the things they’re probably talking about is the glorious nectar that is Minus 196 Double Lemon.

Created by freezing an entire lemon in liquid nitrogen at the temp of -196, then pulverising it and soaking it in alcohol, the drink is Suntory’s number one pre-mix in Japan. Honestly though, it feels like it was made for Australian summer, right? Plus it’s super low on sugar and calories so you can maintain that spring-summer right while you’re sipping on it.

Minus 196 Double Lemon has already infiltrated bottle shops around the country. Keep an eye out!

August 31, 2021
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