Joaquin Phoenix Reveals Biggest Mindfuck Yet In Trailer For ‘Beau Is Afraid’
We would expect nothing less.
Words by Amar Gera January 11, 2023

After watching this trailer Beau isn’t the only one who’s afraid…

Although he’s deep into filming the sequel for 2019’s Joker, Hollywood heavyweight Joaquin Phoenix is still finding time to freak us the fuck out with his acting chops, appearing in the teaser for the upcoming surrealist epic, Beau Is Afraid.

Helmed by director Ari Aster (Hereditary, Midsommar), the film follows Phoenix’s Beau, a “paranoid man who embarks on an epic odyssey to get home to his mother”. Along the way however, he encounters numerous physical, surrealist and even supernatural obstacles, with many of which being shown throughout the two-and-a-half minute trailer. Kidnappings, hit and runs and inter-dimensional chases, Phoenix endures it all in his quest to return home.

We also get a glimpse of the actor de-aged and aged, with the trailer showcasing him as a child all the way to an elderly man. It’s unclear as to what role it will play in the overall narrative, to be honest, it’s unclear what the film is even about, but the trailer is engaging to say the least. Beau Is Afraid is out on April 21st. Check out the full trailer below.

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