Joe Rogan, Podcasting Powerhouse & Vaccine Skeptic, Has Covid
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He’s taken to Instagram to confirm the diagnosis.

If you follow Joe Rogan on Instagram, you may have noticed he posted a bleak msg yesterday regarding the cancellation of a run of shows with fellow comedian Dave Chappelle. Now, we know why: the podcasting dynamo and MMA commentator has tested positive for covid. Taking to Instagram the psychedelic explorer explained he believes he caught it while on the road performing in Florida and had been isolating from his family in his (presumably) huge mansion as a precaution.

Since the positive test, Rogan has “thrown the kitchen sink” at the virus. In his post, he listed drugs he’s been using for treatment, including horse dewormer Ivermectin, which the FDA has stated is an ineffective treatment – so much so, they published the following tweet in effort to curb the theory that it was a miracle covid drug.

It comes months after Rogan claimed (and later backtracked) that he doesn’t believe healthy young people should be getting the vaccine in an episode of his podcast which garners around 11 million listeners per episode. Watch Rogan’s full video below, and let’s hope he has a speedy recovery and doesn’t turn into a horse or cow…


Words by Harry Webber September 2, 2021
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