Say Goodbye To “Charlie Bit My Finger”: Video Sold As NFT Soon To Be Removed From YouTube
One of the most viewed videos ever...
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An anonymous bidder “3fmusic” has snagged the video for about a million Australian bucks.

It seems like there’s no slowing the NFT world at the moment. Following on from “Disaster Girl” selling for $US500K at the end of last month, 14-year-old upload “Charlie Bit My Finger” has now been auctioned off for $US760,999 with the auction site saying the video will soon be deleted. Does this mean you’ll never see it again? Well, not quite. For now you can still watch it below:

The strange, and yet unknown, thing about the NFT world is what owners of “pieces” like this will do with them. “3fmusic” has every right to license the video, or segments of it, for advertising, or simply keep it in some sort of virtual gallery on his phone… What we do know is what it means for the Davies-Carr family. Harry and Charlie, the kids in the video, are now 15 and 17 and the money will be put towards their schooling:

“It means that Harry goes to university and has a nice place to stay and doesn’t have to have a bar job,” their father Howard told CBS News. “Education takes priority,” Charlie added. Sounds a little bit boring, but each to their own… Enjoy the video (which I’ve personally always found incredibly boring) while it lasts:

May 26, 2021
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