Top 5 Obscure Sports We Found On The Internet Today.
From schoolyard fun to incredibly painful
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Its funny what can be presented on any given day when you refresh the homepage on your youtube. Will it be a new DJ Khaled video or will it be David Dobrik giving somebody a Tesla. Today at a first glance the WCT popped up or for those unfamiliar the World Chase and Tag championships. This got me thinking, surely there is some other obscure sports on the internet we are yet to delve into so here they are.


Immersion Finn Swimming

Growing up watching Thorpey and Susie O’neil the love for olympic swimming resonates deep to my core. This on the other-hand is a particular style of competitive swimming which has its own set of rules and competetions for swimming underwater. Kind of like when you raced your friends in school to see how many laps you could do in your backyard pool without taking a breath. By the looks of things its heavily dominated by eastern europeans.

Tug of war

A school yard favourite which in its competitive realm has a much more sophisticated technique and serious set of rules then just pull as hard as you can.

Competitive Slapping

The name really speaks for itself. Maximum pain for little gain. Avoiding hitting your opponents ear is a key but other then that its just a good old fashion bitch slap across the face. Might have to pass on that one.


Tips, Tag, Chase, we all played it at recess but this professional sport combines them with parkour for a fast paced and hard to follow sport which racks up 10’s of millions of views online.

The Running of the Cheese

Its believed to go back as far as the early 1800’s but its popularity surely has grown since the birth of the internet with its highlight reels commonly shared across all social platforms that leave the viewers asking “why?”

Words by Jack Bennett November 18, 2020
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