Watch: Chris Hemsworth’s Big Brother Luke Reprises Thor Role For Old Spice Ad
How many Hemsworths are there?!
Words by Amar Gera July 6, 2022

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The big brother of Chris Hemsworth first portrayed the MCU character in 2017…

Hot off the cinematic release of Thor: Love & Thunder across the globe, God of Thunder Thor, appears to be finding plenty of time to squeeze in his side hustles in between being a box office draw. However, instead of manifesting through his usual vessel Chris Hemsworth, the MCU’s funniest hero has instead opted for his older brother Luke, to appear in a series of Old Spice commercials.

Shared online with the caption “”Smell like a God. Or the next best thing, an actor playing a God. Smell like Actor Thor with Old Spice Dry Spray”, the ad sees the “award-winning Asgardian actor” wearing the signature Thor costume as he chats about what it’s like to play the iconic role, all the while remarking about his resemblance to the actual Nordic lord himself, saying, “A lot of people think me and him look like brothers, cousins maybe”. The clip ultimately ends with the 41-year-old saying that he is “worthy” before reaching for a fake Mjolnir hammer, but with little success.

This might seem a bit out of the blue, but it turns out old mate has already donned the Thor costume on the big screen, appearing as an Asgardian actor in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok. Starring opposite Matt Damon who portrayed a fake Loki, the pair acted out a slightly twisted version of the events of Thor: The Dark World, before having their bubble burst by none other than the OG Thor Chris Hemsworth. Still, on the off chance old mate Chris gets tired of the role any time soon, we’re guessing Luke is more than willing to fill in for him. Check out the commercial above, along with Luke Hemsworth’s scene in Thor: Ragnarok below.


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