Watch: Steve Carrell & Rainn Wilson Finally Reunite After ‘The Office’
One of the greatest shows ever.
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Still need a reunion episode…

It’s fair to say that The Office is without a doubt one of the most culturally enduring shows to ever hit TV screens, its mix of impeccable, awkward humour resonating with fans of all ages and demographics for over a decade. When the show ended in 2013 it definitely left a big gaping hole in our collective hearts, fans instantly asking, even demanding a reunion episode in the near future. Seven years on and we still haven’t got that reunion episode yet, but we have gotten a sick virtual reunion between Steve Carrell and Rainn Wilson (who played Michael and Dwight), with Steve appearing on Wilson’s show SoulPancake.

The ten minute clip sees the pair cover everything from the COVID-19 pandemic to their iso beards and of course, The Office. Interestingly, the pair also touched on how the show’s “renaissance” had led to younger fans being way more educated on the show than they were, saying “I don’t know if you feel the same thing, but the people who watch the show definitely know the show better than we do. Because maybe we watched it once when we’d all get together and watch episodes. That was most of my watching of the show, so I don’t know all the details and when people reference lines and bits, I don’t even – some of them don’t even ring a bell at all. So the trivia side of it is kinda funny.”

The most classic example of this is biggest pop star in the world Billie Eilish, who faced off with Wilson in a game of The Office trivia last year, proving that she was a superfan and a half.

The pair also got deep on the overall magic of the show and the feelings they had while they were making it, with Carrell saying “It’s great that it caught on like it did, because we all felt that it was special when we were doing it. We felt that we were on to something and kind of felt that we got into a bit of a groove as a cast, and the writers were so fantastic. All parts of it just seemed to be firing on all cylinders and it felt special when we were doing it.”

Pretty wholesome, check the full virtual reunion below.

November 11, 2020
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