Watch: Undercover Cops Dressed As Santa & His Elf Bust A Car Theft Gang
No way.
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Don’t fuck with Santa and his elf…

Two undercover cops in California have managed to do some baller AF shit, catching a car theft gang while dressing up as Santa and his elf. The detectives in question were from the Riverside Police Department’s Property Crimes Unit and were in the process of conducting a ‘holiday enforcement program’.

In a lengthy Facebook post detailing the incident, the department wrote ‘For several hours, detectives and officers worked directly with loss prevention specialists at the Target store in the Canyon Springs shopping centre. Detectives and loss prevention conducted video surveillance inside the store as other detectives and officers remained outside to help detain any theft suspects.’

‘Of those waiting outside were a detective and officer dressed as Santa Claus and his elf. As the suspects exited the store with merchandise they just stole, Santa and his elf were waiting to take them into custody for the theft.’

In total three arrests were made, but as everything seemed done and dusted, they received a tip off about three suspicious men who were ‘casing vehicles in the shopping centre parking lots’, adding ‘One of the undercover detectives spotted these three men as they were in the act of stealing an older white Honda CR-V.”‘

Two of the car thiefs were arrested while a third managed to steal the Honda and subsequently escape, however he’s since been identified and police are currently in the process of tracking him down.

The footage of the whole incident is so unbelievable, showing Santa and his elf apprehending the suspects, with the elf even holding him at gunpoint (the suspects not Santa). Speaking on the incident, Detective Paul Miranda (one of the officers that was working undercover) said “When I looked over my shoulder I saw Santa running by me, going after the second subject. We worked inside the store, identified shoplifters and when they split the scene, Santa was there to take them into custody.”

“They [the two suspects] were apologetic and Santa is currently deciding whether they stay on the naughty list.”

Pretty ridiculous, check out footage from the incident below.

December 16, 2020
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