Watch: Will Smith Rips ‘I Am Legend’ In Trailer For His New Video Game ‘Undawn’
At least he's recycling.
Words by Amar Gera May 25, 2023

Left image via Level Infinite //

Chris Rock has entered the chat…

No one knows how to navigate a post-apocalyptic world quite like Will Smith, with the veteran actor having endured aliens, zombies and most recently, millions of fans hating him for assaulting comedian Chris Rock at the Oscars. Now, however, he’s finally taking his talents to the digital realm in the upcoming survival game, Undawn, which is really just an I Am Legend video game. 

Appearing in a new trailer released by developers Lightspeed Studios and Level Infinite, Smith’s character, Trey Jones, makes his grand entrance, first appearing with a tropical background in what looks like some sort of tourist ad. However, Undawn quickly makes it obvious that its your run-of-the-mill RPG, with the trailer showing players collecting resources, building bases, and teaming up with other survivors amongst dozens of murderous cannibals. However, the scariest part of all is easily Smith’s eerily-happy YouTuber persona he displays in it along with all of the I Am Legend references that make no attempt to disguise themselves (I mean seriously, who approved that poster?). The zombies are pretty scary as well, of course, but if you’ve played either The Last Of Us or The Walking Dead in recent years, these bad boys will look like the Teletubbies to you. 

It’s no doubt a new direction for the 54-year-old, and while star power has illuminated the big screen for over three decades, it’s clear he’s on a bit of a downward trajectory right now thanks to his recent actions over the past year. Here’s hoping he can find a bit of redemption in zombie guts and digital hellscapes in Undawn. Check out the full trailer below.

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