Femmé Organics Launch Ethical, Vegan, Biodegradable Sanitary Range
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Images by Hugh Burke //

The Burns family are teaming up to make periods ethical.

Your family might be the first people you tell about an idea you have. Whether it’s a potential business or something to do with your future like a career or school change, we often find ourselves looking to our siblings for guidance and advice. It’s pretty rare that they’ll not only back your decision but believe in it so much they want to join the cause, which is how it went down when the Burns family decided to start an all-organic, all-ethical tampon and pad company.

Born last year, Femmé Organics have just launched their first range which you may have already seen pop up on your Instagram feed via model (and Femmé co-founder) Viccy Burns’ feed. Earthly pastels and inclusive campaign imagery in a way sums up the natural and openly accepting nature of the company and their products. Check out the shots below and head here to shop it now:

April 20, 2021
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