Sycco Puts A Catchy Spin On Quarantine Brain In Groovy New Bop ‘My Ways’
Along with some super sweet visuals.
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Adding this to the ‘vibes’ playlist…

Continuing her ever-growing catalogue of hits, Brisbane rising-star Sycco has dropped a tasty new tune ‘My Ways,’ along with a totally trippy video. Inspired by lockdown and how it can take your mind to places you never thought were possible, the tune digs into the idea that sometimes your brain can either be your best friend or worst enemy, and beautifully captures that overall frustration and tiredness that’s inherent to lockdown and self-isolation.

Naturally, the tune is totally groovy, featuring some warbly synths, mellow keys and saucy guitar lines dripping with indie-elixir. Vocally, the tune sees Sycco embrace that gorgeous lower register of hers in the verses, revelling in pure grit as she sings about needing space from her brain. The hook however sees her embrace that iconic head voice as she glides across the various layers of instrumentation and vocal chops, cruising with total breeze as she crafts a proper dance-floor ready tune.

The accompanying visuals see her venture within as she recreates that vivid claustrophobia of quarantine brain, utilising various neon lights to capture that glitchy surrealism that results from too much time inside. She also features some killer extras that act as the brain in its most detrimental moments, pushing and pulling on her as she attempts to break free.

Speaking on the new bop and how she linked up with co-writer and producer Jeff Hazin, Sycco explains “Jeff and I met on Zoom during lockdown in 2020 and it was my first ever Zoom session so I had no idea what to expect. Jeff and I instantly clicked and it all came together super fast.

“‘My Ways’ is all about losing track of days, getting caught up in your monkey brain and wanting out of it. This song definitely encapsulates my lockdown.”

Definitely a bop we’ll be bumping on repeat. Do yourself a favour and buy/stream it here to enter Sycco’s world. We’ll see you there!

Words by Amar Gera February 26, 2021
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