Get Familiar With History-Making Northern Beaches Jewellery Boutique, Alana Maria
Doing the lords work.
September 12, 2023

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The collection with something for everyone…

In amongst the growing creative community nestled in Sydney’s Northern Beaches, one name that has quickly risen to the forefront is jewellery boutique, Alana Maria Jewellery. Founded by Alana Ellis in 2018 and conceived in her family home in Freshwater, Alana Maria has gone from a humble endeavour to a beloved interstate brand, launching boutiques in three different locations including Byron Bay, Freshwater, and the recently opened Bondi Junction Westfield flagship store. The latter of the three has managed to make a bit of history as well, with her latest venture in Bondi making her the youngest leaseholder in Bondi Junction Westfield.

But what exactly is it about Alana Maria Jewellery that’s resonating with people all over the nation? To be frank, there’s no big secret, rather, the pieces the homegrown vendor is coming through with have managed to capture the fun-loving and stylish origins of the Beaches all the while cultivating a reputation for care and precision. It’s a balance that’s difficult to establish and maintain, but for Alana Maria, one that’s achieved with ease through its team’s commitment to handcrafting every piece they sell, adding an extra personal touch that you just won’t find anywhere else.

With such a glowing review, you’d expect the pieces to be bordering on virtually unaffordable, but rest assured, there’s a little something for everyone in Alana Maria Jewellery, with prices starting at just $89 AUD and reaching up to just $1,119 AUD. Check out some pieces from the range below, and be sure to visit their website here for more info.


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