Words by Mitch Tomlinson September 6, 2023

Vans have unleashed the Nick Michel collection…

And it’s a pretty damn good excuse to stare at pictures of the Las Vegas native skating, not that you need an excuse. The 25-year-old has been garnering attention from skating’s core for years an it is rapidly rippling outwards, as Vans say: “Your favourite skateboarder’s favourite skateboarder, Nick Michel is quietly making an impact on the next generation of skateboarders through his timeless style and modern take on classic skateboarding.”

The collection includes as very Skate Old Skool, Skate Half Cab ’92, as well as a tee and long-sleeve that you probably oughta buy as a combo. Check out Michel in the gallery above and head here to shop the range on Vans’ website:

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