Globe Unveil Sammy Montano’s Night Green Surplus Shoe – The Skater’s Staple
The team approves.
March 16, 2023

The green colourway is a tidy revision of the performance-focussed Surplus kick.

Staple: “a main or important element of something.” It’s hard to describe the Globe Surplus in any other way. Its reliability as a skate shoe, no-flash look, and effortless transition into the wardrobe has made it the go-to for skaters around the world. Now, Globe’s Sammy Montano has given the faithful kick a tasty little revamp.

Introducing the Night Green colourway – the sleek new iteration of the Surplus that retains all of the shoe’s special features: Globe’s Shockbed™ insole for impact control and Super-V™ outsole for enhanced grip and board feel. Of course, the shoe was tested (and approved) by the full Globe team.

Check the Surplus Night Green/Montano in action above and head here to shop it now:

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