Join Us In Cheering On Blake Johnston As He Attempts The Longest Surf Session Ever Tomorrow
Let’s go Blake.
Words by Harry Webber March 15, 2023

Blake Johnston is going for the world record by surfing for over 40 hours straight. And not only is he going for the record, but he’s also raising money for the Chumpy Pullin Foundation and Youth Mental Health.

Surf School owner and former WQS pro will be pushing himself further than he ever has when attempting this record-breaking feat. And it’s not just for personal glory – this is in memory of his dad Wayne who lost his battle with mental health. Plus, he’s raising money to help support youth mental health initiatives and the Chumpy Pullin Foundation. The event is happening tomorrow, at The Alley in Cronulla where Blake will face all kinds of challenges like blindness, dehydration, and even sharks(!), but Blake is ready for it all.

So far, they’ve already raised over $118,000 for the cause, and they’re not stopping there. You can support Blake and this amazing initiative by making a donation or even becoming a sponsor. The money raised goes directly to the Chumpy Pullin Foundation and Youth Mental Health.

“At 1am tomorrow I will enter the water, and I can’t wait to see you out there. Yes, this is a personal challenge but it is your support that will get me through, and together we will MAKE NEVER POSSIBLE. Bringing my community along with me on the way is what will keep me frothing,” Blake says.

“In order to maximise the impact of what we’re all doing, I have partnered with the Chumpy Pullin Foundation to raise money for youth mental health initiatives. By now, you know me, and you know how passionate I am about mental health, I always have been. I lost my dad 10 years ago to his mental health battle and it is in honour of him that I step into this challenge. Dad would have loved Chumpy and this is a wonderful way to honour both of their legacies.”

This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of amazing sponsors like Ray White, CSA, Surfing NSW, Johnston Advisory, and more. Let’s show our support for Blake and help make a difference in the lives of young people struggling with mental health.

Please join us in supporting Blake by donating right here.

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