Vans & Dime Reintroduce The Legendary Rowley XLT
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Words by Harry Webber October 5, 2023

You know that scene in Austin Powers where he gets reactivated after being frozen? Well imagine that in skate shoes…

The Rowley XLT is one of skateboarding’s most legendary shoes. Hand on heart, no word of a lie, we found a petition online to bring back this shoe that, due to the large amount of swear words used, we can assume came from a passionate skate fan. The petition stated:

In the early 2000’s a shoe was introduced to the world and was an instant classic. A burgeoning relatively unknown skater by the name of Geoff Rowley burst into the scene. The shoe that he created, the XLT was hands down better than any skate shoe that’s ever been made. To This Day.

Well, foul-mouthed Rowley fan, we have some good news for you. The Rowley XLT is back thanks Vans’ Reanimation Series that brings beloved Vans Classics styles back to the forefront. Why? It turns out the people at Montreal-born skate powerhouse Dime are also big fans.


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Check out the reanimation below – it’s available in select Vans Skateboarding retail locations nationally.

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