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In a scene that looks like Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater brought to life, veteran rider Corbin Harris has skated his way through the new colossal Westfield complex in Miranda.

We captured all the action as Corbin flew from Mascot airport to Miranda and graced the new complex with his four wheels – and given his dedication to the sport in Australia, we can’t think of anybody more appropriate for the job. You can also read our interview with the lord himself below where we talked about wallet chains, hoverboards and the future of the sport:


You’re here skating the rather unusual terrain of a Westfield mall. What are some of the neat features that this location gives you as a rider?

It’s probably the ground, the terrazzo ground is the smoothest I’ve probably ever skated before. Other than that, it’s being able to use an area that no one else is in. I’ve got a whole shopping mall to myself, I haven’t even seen it before – I think once the whole things pieced together, it’s going to be a really cool art concept piece. Westfield have gone out of the ball park for this one, which is nice.

What’s one other unusual location that you’ve skated?

One other spot that I skated was an empty gas petrol container in the middle of Tasmania – it was basically cut in half, it was amazing with kangaroos jumping past. We skated that for like three or four hours after we drove four hours inland. That was pretty cool.

One thing I’d like to do in Sydney would be when Bondi Icebergs pool is empty, I’d like to figure out a skate park and put it in there. Nike did it in Europe where they basically emptied an indoor swimming pool and put ramps in it, I’d like to do that right on the beach sand.

What would be included in your ultimate spending spree at Westfield?

I’d probably go into Surf Dive N’ Ski and pick out a bunch of skateboards and surfboards because that’s the lifestyle I live already, and I’m not getting free wetsuits or surfboards anymore!

You’ve been a great ambassador for skateboarding for many years, Do you still think that there’s misconceptions about skaters and the sport in 2014?

I think there probably still is in Australia. That’s probably because we’re uneducated in a lot of what’s happening in skateboarding. People probably still think we’re graffiting and smoking at skate parks, but those days are long gone. I think with what’s happening with the sport – skateboarding is pretty much locked in to go to the Olympics in the next ten years – we’re going to see a huge change just like we did with snowboarding.

Now, snowboarding is accepted all over the world, you look at stars in Australia like Torah Bright – everyone loves her. Obviously, they should because she’s a sweetheart, but it’s opened up into that mainstream. I’m hoping, crossing my fingers that I can be there for that. Obviously not to be in there, because I’ll be too old to compete, but hopefully I’ll be hosting on that level, see all the kids come through and see that perception change within Australians.

Are wallet chains ever going to come back into fashion?

I don’t think so. I don’t think so at this stage, but who knows? I watched the AMAs last night, and some country music guy won, and he had chains all over his wallet – so maybe that’s going to come back in.

Tony Hawk recently rode the world’s first hoverboard. Do you see hoverboards in the future of extreme sports?

I hope it’s like Back To The Future, that was the coolest movie in the world. I don’t think it’ll make its way into action sports. If they get us from A to B, I’d be really stoked with that if it were exactly the same as Back To The Future.

Who’s one person that you’d love to do an in-depth interview with?

Michael Parkinson – I really like his interviewing style and he’s interviewed some of the greatest guests in the world so he’d have some stories to give out.

What’s on the cards for Corbin for the rest of 2014 and 2015?

I’m the ambassador for Westfield Miranda for the next few months, while the new shopping centre is opening. It’s really cool because it’s where I grew up, and Mum basically took me shopping there four times a week after school. It’s kinda close to home.

I’m working on Bowl-A-Rama for the 11th year running, Tony Hawk’s coming back to defend his title. Next year, I’ve got X Games locked in, Street League Skateboarding locked in, a couple of tours with Nike and my Anthony Lister x Corbin board will be on sale at Surf Dive N’ Ski.

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