Watch: LAATE Store & NB Numeric Have Dropped Connor Reeve’s All-Newy Part
Fkn Newy.
Words by Harry Webber January 10, 2023

Images by Sam Coady, video by Adam Tabonee //

Connor Reeve takes us on a journey of the Steel City’s ledges and rails.

The video sees the 20-year-old skater, who rides for NB# and LAATE Store, hit (mostly) the centre of town with power and fearless precision. Seemingly hell-bent on waxing up anything within a one kilometre radius of Fannys, it’s a strong debut from the Newy skater and one of the most captivating things to happen in town since the erection of the penis tower (RIP).

The part also features friends Dannan Chiu, Adam Tabone, and NB# Australia riders, Sean Thomas Ryan, Jack Paterson, and Riwaz Kazi – some of whom you may remember from New Balance’s Gazette which dropped in 2021 – and music from Total Control. Feast your eyes below.

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