Watch What Happens When You Skateboard With A Deck Made Of Bulletproof Glass
Braille are back at it again.
October 4, 2016

Earlier the bros from Braille Skateboarding tried to ride a glass skateboard – and while it looked majestic as fuck, it basically ended in disaster at the drop-in when the board shattered violently on impact.

Never ones to give up, Braille have returned with another skateboard made of glass, and this time, it’s bulletproof. Coming courtesy of Invizaboard, the see-through deck is certainly something to marvel, with Invizaboard claiming that you can run over the deck with a vehicle and it would still stand proudly in tact. If it can withstand bullets and a car, then surely the Invizaboard can handle human weight as they kickflip their way through a skatepark, right?

See Braille and the Invizaboard in action below, and yes, we want six of them right now:

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