Anime NFT Giant Azuki Has Just Sold For A Record $1.4 Million USD
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Words by Amar Gera March 31, 2022

Images via Opensea, Mintable and NFT Calendar //

Did you ever think you’d see a piece of anime sell for over $1 million?

Fast-rising NFT Azuki is making waves for a monster sale this morning, the second rarest piece in the collection, Azuki 9605, selling for a record 420.69 ETH ($1.43M USD).

For those not familiar with the LA-based collective, their 10,000-strong avatars celebrate every inch of anime’s decades-spanning history, from streetwear to samurai insignia and everything in between. Each avatar also grants owners access to ‘The Garden,’ Azuki’s own metaverse “where art, community and culture fuse to create magic.”

Understandably, the concept appears to be resonating with the NFT community as a whole, with the collective recording the third-highest sales volume in the last month of any collection, hot on the heels of the Bored Ape and Mutant Ape Yacht Club. Check out Azuki 9605 below, and keep your eye out for what the anime adherents put out next.

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