Bored Ape & Rolling Stone Join Forces For Limited-Edition Magazine
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As Bored Ape Yacht Club continues to take over the digital sphere, they’ve taken their first steps into print media…

The move comes in the form of a newly-announced partnership with Rolling Stone, the NFT collective and American publication joining forces for a limited-edition magazine.

The joint-effort will feature 20 pages of Bored Ape Yacht Club artworks and unique designs from the likes of Claire Salvo and TimpersHD. Day one fans will also get their props, with the collab set to include early sketches of the ‘Swamp Club,’ the OG designs that eventuated in the now globally-recognisable Bored Apes.

If you’re keen you’re going to have to get in quick though, as only 2,500 copies will end up being printed of the collab. Considering that there are over 5000 Bored Ape owners (no doubt with deep pockets), you’re going to have just a bit of competition.

Luckily, the magazine covers are set to be auctioned off as NFTs in the weeks following the release, so even if you miss out on round one, you’ll get another chance. Expect it to set you back a solid amount however, with Bored Ape NFTs continuing to generate record sales, the most recent of which being the ‘Solid Gold’ ape, which sold for $3.4 million USD ($4.5 million AUD) at auction.

Definitely a piece of NFT history. For now, feast your eyes on the official Bored Ape Yacht Club Rolling Stone cover below.

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Words by Amar Gera November 2, 2021
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