‘Future Art Is Vivid’ Event Is A Must For NFT Junkies
Opening portals.
Crypto / NFT
April 22, 2022

Cover art by EM! //

‘Future Art is Vivid’ will be an immersive audio-visual experience.

Whether you’ve been sucked deep into the world of NFTs or are simply NFT-curious, you probably want to open up your diary and pencil this one in. The Future Art team, who’ve been making moves in this space for years, are hosting an event that blurs the digital and physical art worlds in a way that has never been seen in Australia.

For one night only at Home Nightclub on Darling Harbour, attendees will be treated to live music performances, AR and VR lounges, large scale projections and cocktail bars – and then there’s the art… They’ll be presenting new works from 24 of the world’s leading NFT artists including The Sarah Show (USA), Coldie (USA), EM! (Japan), Giant Swan (Aus), Marc-O-Matic (Aus) and more, with collectible art from now-iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club and CryptoPunks. There’ll also be exclusive NFT drops on the night.


It’s all going down from 7pm-3am on May 27th and tickets are super limited. Head here to grab one now and book a spot on this multi-sensory journey!

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