Future Has Just Spent $280K On A Bored Ape
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Crypto / NFT
Words by Tom Disalvo November 29, 2021

Why are these furry guys so expensive?

The latest celebrity to join the NFT world, Atlanta rapper Future has just dropped a whopping $280, 000 AUD to become a member of the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Spending 49 ETH on the grey-coated yacht captain #4672, Future was quick to update his Twitter profile in celebration of the newly-purchased collectible.  

The purchase comes a week after fellow rapper Post Malone added to his already-stacked collection of Bored Apes, which are one of the largest NFT collections on the Ethereum marketplace. Currently, the Bored Ape Yacht Club is home to some 10,000 purchasable apes, all of whom look decidedly bored. 

Future is one of a growing list of high-profile crypto investors, with everyone from Reese Witherspoon to Snoop Dogg dipping their toes in the virtual money pool. Head here to view our complete list of celebrity NFT purchases (and their eye-watering value). 

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