This Crypto-Trading Hamster Has Weathered The Dips, Reporting A 20% Return Since June
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If a hamster can do it…

Fresh shredded newspaper, a new drinking apparatus, a large wheel with inner-rim cushioning for sensitive feet – the life of a successful crypto-trading hamster is one filled with luxuries and excess. A trader and Twitch live-streamer named Mr Goxx, who has made a 19.49% profit on his €326 investment is making headlines for his seemingly random approach to crypto speculating, and… ahhh… also because he is a hamster.

How does a hamster trade crypto, you ask. According to his Twitch profile: “By running in the wheel, Mr. Goxx is able to select certain assets and by entering one of the tunnels, he decides whether to place a buy or sell order.” Trades are then made on behalf of Mr Goxx, whose wallet currently holds Ethereum, Ripple and Cardano among other coins.

Mr Goxx’s team also note that he lives in lush conditions and the “office” seen on the screen is a room that is part of a larger enclosure and he is never forced to make trades or perform for his swelling Twitch audience. As we all know, trading under pressure can yield less-than-ideal returns… You can follow Mr Goxx on Twitter here, and watch the Twitch broadcast here.


September 27, 2021