TwentyFour: Mitch Crews
Presented by Zipmex.
Crypto / NFT
Words by Mitch Tomlinson September 21, 2021

Laidback on the Gold Coast with Mitch Crews.

Pondering travel, time, and the state of the world as he drops a line in for a fish, in between surfing some of the world’s best breaks – it’s safe to say that Gold Coast native Mitch Crews has worked his way to a lifestyle that makes the nine-to-five seem like bloody torture. So, in the interest of saving you from raging at your screen, there’s a warning for this edition of TwentyFour: you about to get jealous.

Having spent the earlier stages of his career surfing pretty much every spot that you have on your bucket list, consistently knocking off giants in heats, Crewsy has hit something of a sweet spot now. Enjoying the looser, stress-free “structure” of freedom surfing, he’s producing some of the most powerful wave-riding of his life right now.

We did some surfing, fishing and beer-swilling with Crews on the Goldy last week and chatted to him about his career, cafes and crypto. Check it out above, presented by Australia’s best digital asset exchange, Zipmex, who are here to help you achieve your dream lifestyle too! Use the code LWA20 when you sign up to get $20 in ASDT.

Talent: Mitch Crews
Film & Edit: Thomas Crews
Photographer: John Respondek, Marc Llewellyn,
Music: Velvet Trip

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