Interview: Chaos & Utopia Collide In The World Of 3D Artist Jessica Ticchio
Presented by Zipmex.
Crypto / NFT
Words by Andrew Yee June 2, 2022

Video by Liam Wall //

Into the digital art sphere we go.

Jessica Ticchio is a multidisciplinary creative specialising in 3D art, and renowned for digitally rendering visions of a utopian reality of surreal dreamscapes and gravity-defying sculptures. Each of her intriguingly alien pieces exudes an aura of peace and serenity. Ticchio attributes this to the fast-paced lifestyle she leads as one of Sydney’s most prolific creators. 

Amongst the chaos of her daily life, Ticchio has also divided her time as an art director at Studio Messa and a crypto-art creator. The latter she got involved with through the V1 launch of the global NFT platform ‘Foundation’. Since then, she has showcased numerous pieces and participated in ‘Satellite’, Australia’s first major international contemporary art exhibition utilising NFT.

We caught up with Ticchio at Sydney’s biggest creativity festival in the Southern hemisphere, ‘Semi Permanent’. The setting felt serendipitously apt, as where else would we find Ticchio other than entrenched in the creme de la creme of the Sydney creative scene? Check out the video, presented by Zipmex, above:

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