McDonalds In El Salvador Are Now Accepting Bitcoin For All McFeasting Needs
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Words by Amar Gera September 9, 2021

What about the loose change menu though…

Cryptomania is continuing to sweep across the world, encompassing all that comes into its path. It’s latest conquest is Central America country El Salvador, who are hot off adopting Bitcoin as a form of payment across the country as of Tuesday.

Being that Maccas is an American company, it seems that there was a bit of worry as to whether El Salvadorian crypto-heads would be able to get their McFeast on through the electronic currency. But to the delight of countless of its patrons across the nation, it seems the fast food giant and its giant Golden Arches are more than on board, forming a partnership with California-based bitcoin payment processor OpenNode.

Now, all 19 Maccas locations in El Salvador are accepting Bitcoin online, through delivery and of course in store, making them the first American company to bend over backwards for El Salvador’s transition into the crypto world. All you have to do (that is if you’re in El Salvador of course) is scan a QR code through your phone, which isn’t really different to the Maccas Online app we all sweat when money’s a bit on the tight side.

No doubt they’ll be the first of many fast food chains to embrace the new wave of crypto-rowdiness. Check out some initial reactions to the new change below.

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